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    Here are your articles on ear infections

    A complete guide to natural ear care for dogs

    Solve your dog's ear problems and infections naturally without drugs and toxic chemicals If your dog has a hairy ear canal,...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    If your dog has a hairy ear canal, has had ear problems in general, such as moist, inflamed, yeasty or infected ears, or if you are just looking to prevent ear problems, this article is for you.

    Healing Store

    Holistic approach to ear problems

    10 steps for dogs and cats with ear conditions  Today is the day, I have decided to jump off the...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    Treating an ear infection could have been a turning point in my career. In the end it just strengthened my feeling that I have to treat animals in the way I know is right, even if it is not conventional.

    Why you need to know this about your dog's ears

    An ear cleaning myth that often causes infections Ear infections in dogs are one of the most misunderstood problems in...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    Two things that will change your dog's ear health and comfort forever. Why that sore-looking ear may not be what you think and how your dog’s body takes care of its ears.

    Natural Treatment of Ear Infections in Dogs – part3

    WHAT TO DO WITH EAR CONDITIONS THAT ARE HARD TO TREAT If you have not read my previous articles on ears, I...
    by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM
    Patience is a must when dealing with ear infections, which can become chronic, particularly when they are treated with corticosteroids. In this final instalment I have more tips on how to deal with ear infections naturally.

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