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  • Why do we offer all natural supplements? Because we believe that your dogs deserve top quality human grade supplements that are made by nature and NOT in a chemical lab in China.
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*Dr. Dobias' Original Products

GreenMin for Dogs - All Natural Mineral Supplement for Dogs

all natural minerals + green superfood

$44.90 CAD $42.50 CAD

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SoulFood - certified organic multivitamin for Dogs

Certified Organic Multi-vitamin

$54.90 CAD $52.15 CAD

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Certified Organic

GutSense - Certified Organic Probiotic for Dogs

New generation Probiotic and Digestive Support for Dogs.

$54.90 CAD $52.15 CAD

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Must Have!

Healing Solution - Herbal Skin Spray

Herbal healing spray for skin, wounds, hotspots and insect bites.

$27.90 CAD $26.50 CAD

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HairQ test

A highly accurate hair test for deficiencies and toxins

$129.00 CAD $122.50 CAD

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SAVE 10%

BASIC Package

Bare bone essentials - GreenMin+SoulFood (without GutSense+Wholemega)

$104.80 CAD $94.32 CAD

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SAVE 15%

NICE Package

3 Essentials - GreenMin + GutSense + SoulFood (without Wholemega)

$159.70 CAD $135.75 CAD

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SAVE 20%

WILD Package

All 4 Essentials - GreenMin + SoulFood + GutSense +Wholemega

$203.66 CAD $162.93 CAD

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Insect Bite and Sting Pack

Healing Solution and Apis 200c

$43.40 CAD $34.90 CAD

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Apis 200C

$15.50 CAD

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Thuja 200C

$15.50 CAD

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Lyssin 200c

$15.50 CAD

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Limited Quantity

GreenMin for CATS

$44.90 CAD $22.90 CAD

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Best Value - Save 25%


All 4 Essentials + HairQ test (GreenMin + SoulFood + GutSense + Wholemega + Hair test kit)

$332.66 CAD $249.49 CAD

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Skai's Birthday Celebration


This week is s Skai and Peggy's birthday week! It's hard to believe that on August 2nd they will be 13!! 

On Friday, we are heading to the Rocky Mountains to celebrate, our annual trip! Stay tuned for pictures and updates!

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How to choose the right vitamins for your dog

If you are confused about the title of this blog, read on because you are about the learn something that may extend your dog’s life by years.

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Why Dogs Get Gas and How to Prevent It

Wondering why dogs get gas and a little chihuahua can clear the room with its strong presence?
This blog explains all you need to know about flatulence in dogs and what to do about it without the use of dugs and chemicals.

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