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*Dr. Dobias' Original Products

GreenMin for Dogs

all natural minerals + green superfood

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Certified Organic

SoulFood for Dogs

Certified Organic Multi-vitamin

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Dr.Dobias Recommends

HairQ test

A highly accurate hair test for deficiencies and toxins

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For Hot Spots & Wounds

Healing Solution

A herbal skin, incision and hot spot healing spray

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GreenMin for CATS

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Puppy Love Pack *

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New generation Probiotic and Digestive Support for Dogs.

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Do you recognize a fake vitamin?

If you are confused about the title of this blog, read on because you are about the learn something that may extend your dog’s life by years.

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Would your dog be safe in a car crash?

I always cringe when I see a dog in the back of a pick-up truck, sliding around during turns and almost falling off over bumps. Even worse, many dogs are tied to the truck with a rope attached to their collar. Dogs are MUCH safer riding in the cab of the truck wearing a safety harness!

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Why Dogs Get Gas

Wondering why dogs get gas and a little chihuahua can clear the room with its strong presence?
This blog explains all you need to know about flatulence in dogs and what to do about it without the use of dugs and chemicals.

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