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Sweet Dreams Blanket - Made in the USA

$39.90 CAD

It’s hard to find a dog or a human who doesn’t like a cozy blanket! Following our philosophy of sourcing locally-made products, this luxurious blanket is proudly made in the USA.

You and your dog can cozy up together in comfort and luxury in this soft blanket, made from high-quality materials in a variety of sizes. A great gift for a friend with (or without) a dog and an excellent way to protect your sofa, chairs or furniture where your dog has a favorite spot. 

Machine washable and dryable, made of faux suede and fleece.  

IMPORTANT: This product ships within two weeks. If you are ordering other products from our store, they will be shipped together with the blanket to keep your shipping costs low. We offer free shipping on all orders over $129.00.  If you want the other items sooner, please order separately. 

Sweet Dreams Blanket comes in 3 sizes and 4 colors. 


*Small size is recommended for small or toy dogs.

A High Quality Fleece and Faux Suede Blanket Perfect for keeping your pooch warm and cozy in the cold winter months.