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    Get all our essentials at 20% off + FREE limited edition tote featuring Skai and his friends!

    What does the Holiday Bundle Include?

    Dr. Dobias all-natural essentials for your dog including: GutSense Probiotics, FeelGood Omega, SoulFood Multi-Vitamins, GreenMin Minerals, and a FREE Natural Cotton Tote Bag with Skai and his friends!


    What are the Essentials?

    GREENMIN: This all-natural, plant-based mineral and green superfood helps cleanse the body in two ways:

    1. The good minerals push out heavy metals and toxins because they use the same cell receptors.

    2. Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll and essential amino acids that boost the body’s ability to detox and clean.


    SOULFOOD MULTI-VITAMINS: SoulFood® is a revolutionary USDA certified organic multivitamin formula for dogs of all ages made with a patented, proprietary, all-natural probiotic fermentation process.


    FEELGOOD OMEGA: Is a pure, sustainable omega-3 oil, tested toxin free, and hypoallergenic.

    Calamari is an incredibly rich source of EPA and DHA - the most valuable EFAs [omega-3]. It's the only truly sustainable source. Calamari has been increasing in population since the 1950s because, unlike fish, it's low on the food chain. Our oil is also micro-filtered and tested for your dog's safety.


    GUTSENSE: A new generation probiotic and digestive support for canines.

    Healthy digestion is the key to a healthy immune system. Eighty percent of immune function resides in your dog’s colon. Providing broad-spectrum, canine-specific probiotics supports strong and efficient immune function.


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