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We gather that you are here because you love your dog and want to give him or her a healthy, happy and long life.

We all we make mistakes, but to prevent as many of them as possible, we have to start with humility. I highly prize humility because it is essential for creating good health. We need to know what we do not know to get as many years together as possible.

So here I am today, offering you insight into what you do and do not know. For a month now, my team and I have been working on a quiz that we have called “Are you your dog’s best friend when it comes to health and nutrition?”

Don’t worry, this is not a test in the school sense of the word. It is just a good starting point for you to see how much you know. No matter what your score is, you and your dog will be better off than you were before!

I know that you love and care about your dog, otherwise you would not be here, right?!

So get your mouse or your finger ready and click on the start button below.

If your dog has any health related limitations such as, decreased mobility please answer the questions to your best knowledge not based on your dog's restrictions. 


PS: We have inserted a 15 percent savings coupon for everything at the Healing Store at the end of the quiz just in case you want to stock up or try the all-natural canine essentials.

Give your dog a hug for me!