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"Today is a very special day."

Skai and Peter
My dear dog lovers,

If you share your life with a dog or if your best friend has left the physical world to get closer to your heart, you know how amazing dogs are!

My sweet dog Skai would have turned 16 on August 2nd. However, an unfortunate accident two months ago interrupted our plans for his birthday celebration.

But today my plan is not to be sad! Instead, I want to celebrate the life of your dog, Skai and all dogs around the world.

I often say that without a doubt the world would be a better place if people behaved and lived the way dogs do!

Dog's devotion, joy, their ability to forgive and rise up from difficult situations and their unconditional love makes them the most beautiful and evolved life form on Earth.

"Nothing is as sweet as the friendship with our canine companions."

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Today, I would like to invite you to tell your dog how much she or he means to you. You can use one word, write a paragraph or a few paragraphs to share your feelings. The most beautiful and inspiring answer will win the whole collection of all our all-natural products listed below:

Retail value of winnings is $322.20

Retail value of winnings is $237.50 CAD

Enter your answer to win here:

Entries close August 26th

Skai may no longer be here, but GreenMin, with his happy face on the label, continues to help thousands of dogs around the world.

To celebrate, you can now save up to 25-35% off GreenMin (if you take advantage of quantity discounts).

Read the reviews and see what dog lovers say about GreenMin, the five-star rated all-natural mineral-rich green superfood for dogs.


Essential Minerals

All natural essential minerals for dogs

Dietary deficiencies are a primary cause of chronic disease and premature aging. Intensive agriculture practices have depleted soils of minerals and other nutrients, which affects the entire food chain including your animal friend. GreenMin® helps replenish these natural nutrients.

Important Instructions!

1. Selecting multiple GreenMin® jars will automatically reduce the price 2. Add other essential supplements below to take advantage of free shipping on orders over $129 3. Complete your order. 4. Hug your dog when you are finished!  

(the price reflected in the shopping cart will only show the quantity discount price, please proceed through checkout to view the final total including the extra 20% off and any taxes and shipping fees)


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Dr. Peter Dobias has 28 years of experience as a veterinarian. His love of dogs and passion for natural healing and nutrition led him to writing, teaching and helping people create health naturally without drugs, chemicals and processed food. Through his work and the all natural supplement line, he helps dog lovers to get the gift of extra time with their dogs. He lives Vancouver, Canada.