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You send me a prong, choke, martingale, or a functional e-collar and I will send you a coupon for the Healing Store.



Because I want to reward you for helping us to eliminate suffering and harm from dogs' lives.

I have heard some people saying before that it is not about the devices but how they are used. The problem is that I have seen that almost every dog that wears the above mentioned collars have injuries from the jerks and constrictions no matter if the users are experienced or not. Accidents simply happen and I see their evidence during my exams

Most people just do not have the ability to detect them but if you look at the dogs neck anatomy, it is just loaded with major nerves, veins, arteries and glands such as thyroid and lymphatic glands.  Just check the image bellow...



Pulling and pressure on these structures can cause serious local problems but also conditions such as hypothyroidism, ear and eye problems, paw licking, wobbler’s syndrome and general health deterioration. Logically, the energy flow restriction naturally leads to a shortened life span and possibly even cancer.                              


Step by step instructions:

  1. Get a collar ( either yours or a friends). Note that e-collars and shock collars must be functional because the dead ones can cause no harm and we do not worry about them.
  2. Fill out a submission form (type form - including info as type, where it was obtained, a story… etc.
  3.  Send us your collars! (Shipping address coming soon, we are just finalizing the arrangement to find the easiest most cost effective addresses for everyone). In the mean time, see if you can get more collars!
  4. An e-coupon will be delivered to you by email. 

     The start of this campaign is Dec 17th, 2014,  if it goes well, we can ran this campaign indefinitely.   

Enter submission here


Coupon value chart: 


E-COLLARS*                                   $15 

PRONG_COLLARS                        $10

CHOKE CHAIN                              $7 

MARTINGALE                                $5 


* E-collars must be functional as 'dead' e-collars cause no harm. 

Coupons will be delivered delivered electronically after your collar(s) are received. They are valid at Dr. Dobias Healing Store.

Dr. D.


Additional reading on the damaging effect of prong, choke and shock collars

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Thyroid disease may be connected to use of collar injuries