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INTERESTED in holistic treatment methods?
SEARCHING FOR alternatives to conventional medical treatments?
LOOKING FOR a vet knowledgeable in both - conventional and holistic veterinary medicine?


How does a consultation with Dr. Dobias work?

Before we connect with you and your pet for your first consultation we would like to introduce you to the consultation process. Our goal during the visit is to have enough time to answer your questions and find solutions to your concerns, so we’d like to prepare you with some basic information ahead of time.

New patients

Due to overwhelming interest in holistic treatment, Dr. Dobias has reached the maximum capacity for new patients at this time and will not be offering new client consultations for the time being.  We will continue to provide articles, podcasts, videos and occasional promotions for live mini-consultations in an effort to help as many dogs as we can on a larger scale.


Subsequent visits

If a patients last appointment is within the last 12 months, a subsequent visit of 30 - 90 minutes may be booked. If you are unsure of the time needed, book the minimum time is 30 minutes and additional time will be added as required (subject to your approval).  If your last consultation was more than 12 months ago, 1 hour is needed for the follow up consultation.


What does Consultation Include?

All consultations are done either by phone or Skype.  The initial consultation takes an hour and a half during which Dr. Dobias will:

  • Review your dog's previous medical results and history.
  • Listen to you and your concerns.
  • Collect information about your dog's physical condition, disposition and behavior
  • Carefully study your dogs situation
  • Suggest the best possible treatment
  • Provide nutritional recommendations and a supplement plan (*note that additional time may be needed if you are new to natural diet feeding)
  • Discuss the prognosis, future steps, necessary follow-ups and review.
  • Give you an intuitive insight into your dog's condition.
  • Show you how to take part in the healing process.
  • Address your final questions or concerns.

Information that Dr. Dobias will need on your animal can be found in our FAQ section