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Preventive Care

Health and Longevity Program

  • Did you know that paw licking may be sometimes caused by an inappropriate use of a collar?
  • Did you ever think that hair loss or hot spots may be caused by a back injury?
  • Did you know that bladder incontinence can be caused by too much ball catching?
  • Did you know that some vaccines can be directly linked to cancer?

So often I hear from my new clients: if only I knew about this before, this problem could have been prevented. These situations are one of the main reasons I decided to speak and write about, and practice holistic animal care and create a community to support this work.

My ultimate goal as a veterinarian and holistic healer is to provide you with important information about how to prevent animal and human health problems in the first place. It has been statistically proven that preventive care greatly increases the chance of good health and a longer, more satisfying life.

The truth is that most problems are preceded by warning signals that if understood correctly, can be used to neutralize and reduce the potential of a serious disease. Most often, the signals are clear; the only thing we need to do is to interpret the patient’s symptoms or behaviors.

Ideally, each pet should be booked for a annual or semi-annual consultation. During this time, your pet will be thoroughly assessed and a preventive plan will be tailored to your pet’s needs, lifestyle, activity level and medical history.

Save lives, prevent problems, save money and increase your pet’s chance to live a long and healthy life by participating in our PPP – Preventive Pet Program.