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What choices of appointments do I have ?

  • A full initial consultation (90 minutes) on your pet's medical condition is required if this is the first time you will be consulting with Dr. Dobias, or if it has been over a year since your last consultation. - This option provides a comprehensive method of getting a detailed assessment and treatment plan for dogs, including serious long-standing problems, cancer treatment, and allergies.
  • Follow up appointments (30 – 45 minutes and up) are available for returning clients.

** Please note: Dr. Dobias does not see clients in person, all consultations are done either by phone or Skype.

Does Dr. Dobias have knowledge and education of Western and Holistic Treatments?

Yes. To view Dr. Dobias Education and Experience click here.

Healing Solutions by offering the options and comparison of best of both worlds: conventional Western veterinary medicine and holistic animal healing.

Where can I see Dr. Dobias’ education, experience, and background summary?

Just follow this link to Dr. Dobias page About Dr. Peter Dobias.

Where can I see testimonials?

Just follow this link Testimonials.

What guarantees do you provide?

Dr. Dobias provides 100% satisfaction guarantee on the quality of care and service.

According to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the nature of medicine in general, we cannot provide any guarantees on the success of our treatments.

How much does a consultation cost?

  • A full initial consultation on your pet’s medical condition via phone and Skype ($389 plus any applicable taxes) - This appointment is mandatory for all new patients.
  • Follow up appointments – (30-45 minutes and up) are available for returning clients billed at a rate of $19.00 per 5 minutes of time used. 
  • HairQ Test result evaluation consultation for existing patients ($171.00 plus applicable taxes)

What is included in the consultation with Dr. Dobias?

Before we connect with you and your pet for your first consultation we would like to introduce you to the consultation process.

Initial consultation

During this time, Dr. Dobias collects a detailed history about physical, emotional and mental symptoms of your pet, and any other important factors that need to be discussed. We’ll create a detailed treatment plan, prognosis, and long-term care strategy.

Subsequent calls

May last 15 – 90 minutes on an as needed basis. If you are unsure of the time needed, booking the minimum time of 30 minutes is recommend.

Can I continue working with my current veterinarian?

Yes. We take an innovative approach and work closely with you.  If needed, your veterinarian will perform any physical examinations, lab tests, and other necessary procedures. We may also assist you in finding the best open minded veterinarian in your area who will work with us.

What Information do I need to provide for my appointment?

  • Medical records for the last 6 months (maximum 3 pages or 500 words)
  • The latest physical exam results
  • Laboratory results, ultrasound, histology results and other relevant information
  • Older medical history – 200 words maximum
  • Current medication and dosing
  • Report any use of prednisone or other corticosteroids
  • Diet information
 – type of diet, ingredients
, other foods and table scraps.
  • Vitamins, supplements, and their doses


How do I send my pet’s files?


You can upload copies of your results to the intake questionnaire when booking your initial consultation.   If you have more records than there is space available, you can email them to clientcare@peterdobias.com.

What are the options of connecting with Dr. Dobias?

Dr. Peter Dobias has been working with his patients and clients for over 20 years in physical practice and by telephone.

Thanks to the internet, you and your animal companion can benefit from online professional holistic veterinary consultation in the comfort of your home and continue working with your local veterinarian whenever needed.

How do I connect?

The connection is available via phone or Skype video conferencing (www.skype.com)

What is skype, how do I register?

Go to www.skype.com & register as a new user or use your previous Skype ID.

How do I connect with Dr.Dobias using Skype?

  • When you complete the Skype registration, search for the following contact (type exactly): drpeterdobias
  • Request to be added to our list.

 and Dr. Dobias will contact you at the arranged time.
  • Please note that Skype connection with Dr. Dobias will only be available during your scheduled appointment time.

How do I connect with Dr. Dobias’ office?

If you need to communicate with us for reasons other than a scheduled consultation, you can contact us by e-mail at clientcare@peterdobias.com or by phone at +1(Canada) 604 982 0987