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If you have not read PART 1 and 2, [click here], otherwise read on

In the previous blog, I mentioned that skin conditions are frequently a direct result of congested energy pathways due to an injury.

One example is skin eruptions around the lumbar spine. They are very common in dogs who sprint excessively because their lumbar region becomes strained. Tight lumbar muscles are very commonly connected to skin problems in the area and also on the hind legs and the back (caudal) portion of the abdomen.

To address such a skin condition, I usually recommend stopping ball retrieving or reducing its length and intensity for a few months. I often suggest a natural cleanse, mineral and anti-inflammatory supplements and treatment with the help of a canine physical therapist, chiropractor or osteopath.

Most dogs miraculously recover or at least dramatically improve.


Over the years, I have gotten used to “the looks” when I explain how I treat skin. In a way, the situation can be compared to the flat earth concept. A few hundred years ago, people didn’t like the idea that our planet was a globe because they thought it was a flat pancake.

When I face such situations, I just remind myself that I am not here to seek the acceptance of the disbelievers but, to help dogs and those guardians whose minds are open. This way, they will be able to share their experience with their friends and the friends of their friends, until we reach the tipping point of shifting the current paradigms.


Healing with food and supplements is, in my opinion, the most important part of addressing any medical condition and skin and injuries are no exceptions.

Processed food and synthetic vitamins contribute to toxin buildup in the body, which can also block the energy pathways. Most people don’t realize that most supplements are made synthetically in the lab and processed food is made of poor-quality ingredients that are preserved with chemicals.

  1. FEED an all-natural diet
  2. MAKE SURE that your dog's exercise does not cause injuries
  3. FIND a good chiropractor, physiotherapist or an osteopath
  4. DETOX THE LIVER - Livton (two months) plus GreenMin (on an ongoing basis) plus Chlorophyll (two months)
  5. PROVIDE - naturally cultured multivitamin SoulFood and High Quality Omega Oil (on an ongoing basis)
  6. FIND a good chiropractor, physiotherapist or an osteopath