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SoulFood - certified organic multivitamin

Made in the USA

$58.90 CAD$55.90 CAD

For more information on how to introduce our essential supplements to your dog click HERE.


    SoulFood® is a revolutionary USDA certified organic multivitamin formula for dogs of all ages made with a patented, proprietary, all natural probiotic fermentation process. It is added to your dog's food in addition to GreenMin, our full spectrum mineral supplement, and GutSense, our certified organic probiotic for dogs.

    Why SoulFood? 
    • Full spectrum & balanced
    • Made with organic herbs & vegetables
    • Patented Technology
    • Naturally cultured
    • Raw food
    • Easily absorbed
    • Highly bioavailable
    • Easy on digestion
    • Great taste
    • Supports the liver
    • Contains turmeric (superfood)
    • Balances pH
    • Contains chlorophyll
    • Good for all ages
    • Perfect addition to any pet food
    • Made in the USA

    Most people are not aware that conventional vitamins are synthesized from ingredients such as crude oil and coal.

    In contrast, SoulFood® is a certified organic whole food vitamin supplement that is recognized by the body as “REAL FOOD” that is easily absorbed and metabolized.

    SoulFood® contains a full spectrum of vitamins and unlike synthetic vitamins, it is gentle on digestion and does not cause stomach upsets.

    Agricultural soils have been seriously depleted for decades, and this deficit affects the whole food chain and also your dog.

    In addition to SoulFood®, we recommend you giving GreenMin, Omega Oils and GutSense probiotics for your dog's optimum health and longevity.

    SoulFood® is economical! One jar lasts the average dog 60 days!

    Naturally cultured and fermented vitamins

    All ingredients are sourced directly from growers and produced with the most rigorous quality control. We do not source from countries that are known to tolerate widespread animal abuse.

    Ingredients: Our top quality ingredients are human grade and certified organic.

    Product Analysis (per tsp of SoulFood® )

    Vitamins: Vitamin A (Betacarotene) 11600IU, B-1 7mg, B2 7mg, B6 7mg, B12 35mcg, C 70mg, D3 2300IU, E 35IU, Biotin 350mcg, Folic Acid 465mcg, Panthothenic Acid 23mg, Niacinamide 47mg, Vit K-1 174mcg, K-2 23mcg

    Other wholesome Ingredients: Organic Parsley, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Dandelion Root and Leaf, Organic Turmeric, Organic Basil, Organic Asparagus, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Powder.


    SoulFood® comes in a convenient powder form and should be added daily to any type of natural raw, cooked or processed food ideally just before feeding.


    • up to 10 kg (22 lbs) - 1/2 tsp daily / approx 90 days*
    • 11 - 25 kg (23 - 55 lbs) - 3/4 tsp daily / approx 60 days*
    • 26 - 50 kg (56 - 110 lbs) - 1 tsp daily / approx 45 days*
    • over 50 kg (110 lbs) - 1 1/2 tsp daily / approx 30 days*

    *Jars are filled by weight, not volume so each jar may vary slightly.

    Even if your dog is less than 22 lbs, you can still give SoulFood because smaller dogs have higher metabolic rates and require a higher amount per body weight.

    Can SoulFood be given together with GreenMin?

    Absolutely, GreenMin and SoulFood synergy is what really counts. The body needs minerals and vitamins for optimal health and these supplements are meant to be given together for the optimal benefit.

    Why do we offer GreenMin and SoulFood separately and not mixed together?

    The answer is simple. At times of disease or increased demands on the body such as stress, pregnancy or chronic conditions, each dog may have different requirements for minerals and vitamins. Separating the mineral and vitamin component in your dog's supplement schedule gives you the flexibility to adjust if needed.

    How should I introduce these supplements to my dog's diet?

    For more information on how to introduce our essential supplements to your dog click HERE.

    Is SoulFood intended for all ages?

    Yes, it is. We respect nature and with the exception of nursing, no mammals have a different diet for the young and seniors. SoulFood is a whole food and raw formula that is good for all ages.

    How long will a jar last me?

    One jar of SoulFood will last between 30 and 100 days depending on the size of your dog!

    The only USDA certified organic multi-vitamin formula for dogs, good for all ages