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    What dogs can teach us about managing our finances

    By Alicia Amundson
    Three things you can learn from your dog that will change your life

    What do you think? Is it possible for our dogs to teach us about the finer details of accounting practices and housekeeping?

    There are lots of stories out there about how dogs help us learn to be better humans. They teach us to:  

    1. Live in the moment! 
    2. Find joy in the simple things in life :-)  
    3. Express happiness every time you see a loved one…

    I agree with all of the above. Let me tell you about how a dog named Diesel taught me how to be a better accountant.

    Diesel recently managed to get his mouth on a receipt that I needed to submit as a work expense and hadn’t yet scanned. After a short-lived game of chase, I did get it back, though it was by now soggy and in several pieces. 

    A friend said it was like watching something from National Geographic. You know when there is slow motion footage of an animal making an impossible leap, grabbing it’s prey with absolute stealth and accuracy, then disappearing out of sight. 

    I submitted my expense report, with a photo of the little brown dog in question, which the accounting department enjoyed immensely. 

    It shines a whole new light on the phrase “my dog ate my homework”. I never understood that saying until recently. Dogs love food, toys and occasionally shoes, but paper? Really? What would they want with a notebook or receipt for that matter? 

    Well, when it comes to Diesel, as a puppy he would chew on absolutely anything in his path and even at 18 months, he is usually keen to grab whatever takes his fancy. I can’t help but admire his curiosity and love of turning anything into a game. That said, I am now very quick at scanning any receipts I need so I have him to thank for being on top of my finances!

    How is your memory of things your dog has chewed on over time? 

    Diesel’s list includes, but is by no means limited to, drywall, door frames, sunglasses, a sliding door, remote controls, eggplants, lemons, slippers, avocados, shoes, bananas, books, computer cords, jeans, skis, broccoli, bras and socks. 

    I’ve become better at making sure things are neat, tidy and well out of his range, but he is like a four legged, furry magician who is as quick as lightning. (Or perhaps he has a secret super power that allows him to grow four inches every time he sees something he wants on the counter.)

    My dogs enjoy a lot of play time and great adventures in the outdoors, so it’s not a lack of exercise that creates boredom and a need to chew on things. Perhaps it’s a Lab thing? I imagine feeding a raw diet with natural supplements is one of the reasons he has super doggie powers of stealth and speed!

    Its also always a great idea to give your dogs raw bones to chew on as well. It keeps them healthy and hopefully distracts them from all the other things they wish they could chew on. Read more here about feeding dogs bones.

    You may have read about Diesel in an earlier article about his adventures, trials and tribulations while cross country skiing. (If not, you can read it here)

    I always love hearing from you, so please share any fun stories. Like you, I love my dogs so much and despite the sometimes challenging moments, I have absolute joy and appreciation for every day I get to spend with them.

    © Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

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