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    Am I a pusher or a dog lover who wants to help?

    By Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

    Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM has 30 years of experience as a veterinarian. His love of dogs and passion for natural healing and nutrition led him to writing, teaching and helping people create health naturally, without drugs, chemicals and processed food.

    Customer comment inspires gratitude for those who trust my motives

    Today, I wanted to share an interesting experience with you. From time to time, I go online to see what dog lovers around the world talk about and came across a discussion forum about the HairQ test, our mineral and heavy metal profile test for dogs.

    The person commenting found the test very useful and also commented positively about a free 15-minute conversation I had with her about the test and her dog. She said it was helpful, but that I “pushed” my all natural supplements. 

    I read the comment and thought that we veterinarians are in a tricky spot because creating better health often comes with the need for better nutrition, supplements and treatments that cost money. 

    In a way, I understand that dog lovers are naturally suspicious. Drug and pet food companies have lied to us about their products for a long time and people are callused. However, I strongly believe that most practitioners care much more about their patients than the bottom line. 

    I love dogs and my work so over time I have learned not to be as affected by the comments of skeptics. In fact, I find these comments hypocritical and funny. The reality of life is that unless a person lives off a trust fund, we all have to sell either services or products. In my mind there is a huge difference between pushing an unnecessary product and the sincere intention to help.

    To summarize, I am very grateful to all of you who trust me, my team and our mission. I am also grateful for all the amazing stories of recovery and clear improvement after starting our all natural products. I am also grateful for your reviews and recommendations because to me they are an expression of caring and create a positive change.

    And when it comes to being a pusher, I would not be at all surprised if those who call others pushers do so because they themselves push. If one finger points at the other person, three point back at the one who is pointing.

    Have a fantastic day and thank you for not pushing ;-),  but recommending our products to those you care about!

    © Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

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    Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM has 30 years of experience as a veterinarian. He graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1988 in the Czech Republic and obtained the Canadian Certificate of Qualification in 1995. He is currently licensed in the European Union, and his unique approach to healing and nutrition helps holistically minded dog lovers worldwide.

    Dr. Dobias strongly believes that disease prevention, natural nutrition and supplements, the right exercise and a drug free approach to medicine can add years to your dog's life.

    As a formulator of his all-natural vitamin and supplement line and co-inventor of natural, chemical free flea and tick control, FleaHex® and TickHex®, his unique healing system and products currently hold the highest independent five star customer rating. For more information click here.

    Any general recommendations that Dr. Dobias makes are not a substitute for the appropriate veterinary care and are for informational and educational purposes only.

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