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GreenMin for CATS

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With many new products pending we have had to make some challenging decisions in terms of changes in our product line which has included discontinuing our feline product line of GreenMin.

We know you love and appreciate your feline companions and can assure you that GreenMin for Dogs is perfectly suited as a substitute for you to purchase in the future.

Nourishment for every cell, every organ, every body.

Dietary deficiencies are one of the primary causes of chronic disease and premature aging in cats. Intensive agriculture has depleted soils of minerals and other nutrients which affects the whole food chain including your feline friend.

GreenMin supports:

  • better energy and greater stamina
  • improved mobility and joint health
  • strong bones and hips
  • a shinier, healthier and richer coat
  • optimal cell, gland and organ function
  • better digestion and nutrient absorption

Special cat formula meets specific requirements and taste preference of both.

Gentle Detoxing and Cleansing

GreenMin helps to eliminate harmful heavy metals and toxins.

Made by nature

Unlike many other synthetic supplements, GreenMin is made from top quality wholefood raw dried ingredients that are “grown by nature”, not made in a lab.

GreenMin is economical

1 jar lasts for 6 - 9 months for an average cat.

Raw food goodness packaged in glass.

GreenMin is carefully dried and crafted under low temperatures to protect its valuable nutrients and packaged in glass to preserve freshness and consider our planet.

All our  ingredients are human grade and organic when possible and are sourced directly from growers and produced with the most rigorous production quality control. 

Certified Organic Alga Calcarea (Brazil) – sustainably harvested unique species of mineral rich seaweed-superfood containing more than 20 essential minerals and numerous phytonutrients. (USDA certified organic and tested free of pesticides or heavy metals.)

Certified Organic Barley Grass (USA) – Nurturing and cleansing effects in addition to being a great source of fibre.  Barley supports healthy digestion, nutrient assimilation and is considered to be a liver tonic.  Cats are naturally drawn to grasses and GreenMin provides them in a pure, easy to administer form.

Product Analysis (per 1/2 tsp of GreenMin )

Essential Minerals: Boron 0.08mg, Bromine 0.02mg, Calcium 0.48g, Chloride 1.49mg, Chromium 17.99 mcg, Copper 12.21 mcg, Iodine 31.04 mcg, Iron 6.35 mg, Magnesium 0.16 g, Manganese 0.24 mg, Molybdenum 2.70 mcg, Nickel 0.37 mcg, Phosphorus 17.96 mg, Potassium 79.24 mg, Selenium 3.07 mcg, Silicon 1.46 mg, Sodium 0.02 g, Sulphur 0.02 g, Vanadium 0.05 mg, Zinc 0.04 mg

Essential Amino Acids: 500 mg

Phytonutrients: Chlorophyll 22.08 mg

Vitamins: Vitamin A 750 IU, Vitamin C 3.5 mg

Dietary Fibre: 0.5 g

We do not source from countries that are known known to tolerate wide spread animal abuse.


GreenMin comes in a convenient powder form and should be added daily to any type of natural raw, cooked or processed food.


  • up to 5kg - 1/4 tsp daily / 200 days - $0.20/day
  • over 5kg - 1/2 tsp daily / 100 days - $0.40/day

Frequently asked questions

Can GreenMin be given to puppies, kittens or senior pets? Absolutely. While every age category will benefit, young or old animals are especially prone to deficiencies that can cause growth and development abnormalities and shortened lifespan.

Are there any side effects? GreenMin has the same safety margin as wholesome food. There have not been any known side effects or contraindications. Introduce GreenMin gradually over 1 week in ill and depleted animals.

Our Healing Ambassador team are ready to answer your questions. For a retail or wholesale opportunity contact.