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Has your dog had a cleanse lately?

There are many ways to extend your dog's life and one is to keep their body free of toxins and chemicals.

Your dog's ancestors evolved in a pristine natural environment, but today's world is different.

Environmental pollution can't be completely avoided and toxins and countless artificial substances affect the metabolism of your dog.

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"Environmental pollution can't be completely avoided and toxins and countless artificial substances affect the metabolism of your dog."

Skai & Dr D enjoying a walk

The Story of Skai

For many years now, I have taken my 15-year-old dog Skai through a regular spring and fall cleanse and the rewards are worth it. Skai's blood work is still spotless!

Why should your dog have a cleanse?

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What products are part of this cleanse protocol?


Liver Support & Cleanse

A blend of five herbs that help support the liver and digestive system

Many dogs show signs their liver is being overburdened and cleansing the liver is the number one task!


Mineral & Green Superfood

This all-natural, plant-based mineral and green superfood helps cleanse the body in two ways:

1. The good minerals push out heavy metals and toxins because they use the same cell receptors.
2. Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll and essential amino acids that boost the body’s ability to detox and clean.


Certified Organic Probiotic

New generation probiotic and digestive support for canines.

Healthy digestion is the key to a healthy immune system. Eighty percent of immune function resides in you dog’s colon. Providing broad-spectrum, canine-specific probiotics supports strong and efficient immune function.

How long should your dog be on a cleanse?

A first-time cleanse should be six to eight weeks long. Consecutive cleanses should be four weeks long.

What Age is it ok to start?

Even young dogs benefit from a cleanse because they get exposed to vaccines, anesthetics and medication. We recommend starting at one year of age and then every spring and fall.

Your love and care deserves rewards

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