Bacterial conspiracy – Why we should not be afraid of bacteria..

by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

Yes,  I  know  I  know,  I should be  doing other things than getting all fiery about the recent  E.Coli scare.    But  I can’t help it.  There is no way I  can be  untouched by the recent  media  propaganda  about the European outbreak of  E.Coli.

CBC  radio has proclaimed that large number,  exactly  18 people died as of today,  from  this aggressive strain of E. Coli. While this itself is a tragedy, it is nothing in comparison to thousands and likely more people  dying every day as a result of drug side-effects, exposure to chemicals in the environment, cigarettes and junk food.

The perfection of “legalized crime”

I can’t  help myself thinking: “What a crazy system!”

  1. The drug companies make  farmers believe that feeding  antibiotics to cattle will make it grow better.
  2. The  consistent  low  dose of antibiotics makes the bacteria stronger which  creates  superbugs.
  3. People  eat the antibiotic loaded meat and  we get more superbugs.
  4. Organic food producers are blamed  for the outbreak because they have no choice but fertilize with manure loaded with superbugs.  In  this most recent  case, the Spanish Organic producer was WRONGLY ACCUSED  to be at fault.
  5. In the mean time,  this wrong  accusation has led to panic,  which lead  to order cancellations and the organic produce company is on the verge of collapse.
  6. As it is in fairytales, the modern prince on the white horse comes.  A vaccine  company suddenly emerges with a new  E.coli vaccine $10 a pop.  Farmers have to pay or take a chance that their  cows will be the source of superbugs.
  7. Vaccines are the  source of mercury and chemicals.   These  toxic substances deposit in the tissue of farm animal and humans which leads to more disease.    Hurray, there is more  business  for big pharma and medical companies!
  8. Weakened  people are more likely to  get  sick and susceptible to  superbugs,  they need more drugs,  hospital  care,  scanners, equipment etc.  Hurray!
  9. Finally,  it  ends  with chronic disease, more drugs and totally complete dependency on the system that started  it  all.

Why don’t  we  blame an organic produce growers and distributors?  They are evil!   They do not  want to use GMO foods,  they are against pesticides,  imagine!   Organic producers have come up with the crazy idea that this planet is  worth saving and it is more valuable than stash of cash in an off shore account!  Ridiculous!

What frustrates me and other likeminded people is that this  crazy cycle of destructive “legalized criminal activity” kills millions and no one is responsible.

Now, when  I  have  described this  bleak  picture,  I want to yell out  loud: “People, it is not  all lost!   We can make difference.  We can reduce the use of drugs by whooping 90% in veterinary and human medicine.  I have seen it  in my practice, it  is possible. We just have to learn more and keep  learning and be feisty for the sake of our children, families and this planet.

I hope that the Canucks will win Stanley cup because their winning may inspire  us and  win the real life battle against LEGALIZED CRIME.

I am looking forward to hearing your comments.

Take care,






Dr. Peter Dobias

PS:  Read more about  E.coli outbreak and the link to antibiotic  overuse










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Dr. Dobias is a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine and lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has more than 20 years of practical experience in conventional and holistic veterinary medicine and his big passions are natural healing, dogs and living a healthy lifestyle...

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